[Watch] 'Your Head Like Box Iron' — Archipalago Blasts Kwadwo Sheldon


Comedian DKB has gotten someone backing him in his beef with Content Nyame, aka Kwadwo Sheldon, aka Lil Duku as controversial social media star, Archipalago has in a new video shared on Twitter attacked Sheldon.

Well for those of you who are lost as to what’s going on. Let me give you the rundown.

So a few days ago, DKB tweeted about how he’s bottled up all the trash Kwadwo Sheldon who claims to be “content nyame” has been throwing his way and how he’s tired of keeping all that pain in him.

In a series of tweets, he attacked Sheldon and even described him as a “frog” and not someone who can match up to him when it comes to stand-up comedy because what he (Sheldon) does is to edit funny videos and claim he’s a king of content.

Those tweets didn’t go down well with Sheldon who also decided to tweet replying every single tweet DKB made about him–In the end DKB blocked him on Twitter and has currently even changed his Twitter name to “DKB MURDERS AHUOTAN nyame Sia.”

In one of Sheldon’s tweets, he wrote:

You started this comedy thing na some of us sef we be kiddies! You still dey shout “Gbemi Gbemi” for stage.. Over 10 years doing this.. same old shit! You DKB dey come talk some!!

Aboa like you! You dey come talk my matter!”

Well, that’s just a bit of the drama, for more you can check their respective Twitter handles.

Archipalago enjoys controversies and has thrown his weight behind DKB and in a video described Sheldon’s head like that fo a box iron and stated that he would have beaten him like his son if he were to be in Ghana.

Watch that video below:


Source: modernghana