2 Moroccan Referees Among 33 Match Officials to Take CAF Courses

2 Moroccan Referees Among 33 Match Officials to Take CAF Courses

Rabat – Moroccan referees Redouane Jiyed and Lahcen Azaghou are among 33 match officials that will take part in a preparatory course in Cairo, Egypt, from October 11-15.

The courses are part of preparations for the resumption of interclub competitions, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced.

 In a statement, CAF said the list of 33 match officials includes 17 referees and 16 assistant referees.

The course will span five days to prepare match officials for competitions after six months of suspension and delays due to COVID-19.

According to CAF, the course also seeks to fine-tune the referees’ abilities for the “decisive stages of the continental club championship.”

CAF Refereeing Director Eddy Maillet said the remaining matches are “decisive.”

“The match officials have to be in the best of shapes  – physically, mentally, and psychologically – to supervise the games,” Maillet said.

CAF will appoint match officials for the upcoming matches.

“They will travel from Cairo to the match venues whilst observing the protocols.”

Video assistant referee (VAR) is among the topics that match officials will discuss during the course.

Course instructors include Jerome Damon from South Africa, Jean Claude Birumushau from Burundi, Doue Noumandiez Desire from Cote d-Ivoire, and Mademba Mbacke from Senegal.

Redouan Jiyed, who will take part in the course, was born and raised in Agadir, Morocco.

The sportsman has been working in the field for over two years and became the most requested Moroccan international referee.

Jiyed took part in several national prominent matches, including the 2018 Moroccan Throne Cup.

Azghaou is also a prominent Moroccan referee, having participated in several matches in Morocco’s football professional league.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com