‘2020 Ramadan Was Challenging Due To COVID-19’ – Bawumia


Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and his wife, Samira have wished Muslims in Ghana a happy Eid Mubarak.

The Vice President in a video message described this year’s Eid as one of the most challenging in recent times due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic and its attendant restrictions, Muslims for the first time cannot gather at the mosques to mark Eid ul-Fitr today, Sunday, 24 May 2020.

Muslims in the country have been advised to pray at home in accordance with the ban on public gathering.

Dr Bawumia also indicated that he has missed the opportunity to tour the country during Ramadan periods to pray and have iftar with his fellow Muslims in various communities due to the pandemic.

“As-salamu alaykum, as we celebrate this year’s Eid we want to thank Allah for seeing us through one of the most challenging Ramadans in recent times. We had to deal with the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic and for that reason, the usual prayers in the mosques with our family and loved ones weren’t the same. We have had to stay at home throughout this period.

“Personally, I missed the beautiful opportunity I have usually had during my Ramadan tour to pray and have iftar with various communities across the country. Nonetheless, this has been a very spiritually fulfilling experience and we pray to the Almighty Allah to accept our sacrifices during this month of Ramadan and to bless the nation.”

Mrs Samira Bawumia asked all Muslims to pray for their loved ones.

“As we continue to observe the coronavirus restrictions and guidelines by celebrating Eid at home this year, let us continue to pray for our friends, families, loved ones and our nation”.


Source: ghanaiantimes