30 countries will move their embassies to Egypt’s New Administrative Capital


September 18, 2020
4:42 pm

The Chairman of the New Administrative Capital for Urban Development, Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, confirmed in a statement that the governments of 30 foreign countries have reserved land in Egypt’s new administrative capital, with the intention of moving their embassies and consulates to the diplomatic district.

Abdeen added in a statement to Youm7 that the list of countries includes the United States, Saudi Arabic, Nigeria, Bahrain, and the UAE. 

Abdeen’s company receives daily requests from countries wanting to secure land in the new capital. Thus far, 60 countries have sent requests for land, including Brazil, Argentina, India, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Gabon, Chine, Kuwait, and Kazakhstan. 

Banks and international organizations have also requested land in the district for their headquarters, including the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Construction and division of the land in the capital’s diplomatic district is underway, where the price per square meter is set at US$400, Adbeen noted. The district covers approximately 1,500 acres. 

Abdeen went on to say that the New Administrative Capital will be an integrated city that provides its residents with a wide assortment of social and cultural activities.

The capital includes a 93-acre sports complex, called Sports City, in which the 2021 Handball World Cup will be held. The complex will have sports courts, a gymnastic hall, playgrounds, and swimming pools.   

Abdeen explained that Sports City is expected to enhance Egypt’s ability to host international sports tournaments, as all facilities within the city have been built in accordance with the latest international standards and regulations.  

Additionally, there will be an Arts and Culture City within the new capital. Built on 127 acres, this city will include theaters, exhibition halls, libraries, museums, and art galleries. 

The city will host the New Opera House, a ballroom, and an Artistic Creativity center. Recording studios and cinema screening halls are also planned to open. 

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Source: egyptindependent