8 Moroccan Students Benefit From Japan’s Scholarship Program

8 Moroccan Students Benefit From Japan’s Scholarship Program

Rabat – Japan’s African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE) offered scholarships to eight Moroccan students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The eight students represent the 6th group of Moroccan participants in the program.

The scholarship will enable the selected students to pursue higher academic training or Master’s studies in Japan. The scholarship will also provide students with the opportunity to intern for Japanese companies.

The Japanese government funds the program. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) initiated the program in 2015 based on the recommendations of the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) in Yokohama in 2013.

The program is part of Japan’s vision to support and promote the growth of 54 African countries through the “development of human resources in the areas of strategic activities, in accordance with the national policy of each country,” Moroccan television 2M said.

Japan’s Ambassador to Morocco Takashi Shinozuka received the eight students in a ceremony, highlighting that the program has been open to Moroccan students since 2015 within the framework of TICAD.

“It is to enrich their achievements so that they can contribute to the economic and social development of their own country and that of Africa,” the ambassador said.

He said 73 young Moroccans have benefited from the scholarship program since its inception.

The Japanese ambassador added that Morocco is a privileged partner of Japan in Africa, describing Morocco as the “second preferred destination ‘ in Africa for investors from his country.

“Our win-win partnership is only getting stronger, and we are happy and proud to be alongside a great friendly country which is working to carry out its development adapted to a new era,” he said.

This is not the first time the diplomat commented on the scholarship dedicated to Moroccan students in Japan.

In March, the Japanese Embassy in Rabat held a reception to celebrate former and current Moroccan scholarship students.

Ambassador Shinozuka said the scholarship is part of the means to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.

Yassir Kourkouss, the representative of the Moroccan scholarship students, said he was proud to be among the beneficiaries of the program.

For Kourkouss, Japan’s ABE Initiative allows Moroccan students to seize a “golden opportunity to strengthen their achievements in the field of new technologies as well as in governance, economy, trade, agriculture, and sustainable development.”

Only three of the eight selected students took part in the reception, taking into account the health measures to combat COVID-19.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com