Access to medicine critical for mentally-ill patients: Dr Frans Korb


Psychiatrist for the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, Doctor Frans Korb, says adherence and access to medicine are critical to the long-term health of mentally-ill patients.  Korb was addressing a webinar on the impact of medication stockouts.
NGOs – Section 27 and Stop The Stock-Outs Project – say logistical issues and inadequate stock control methods contribute to stockouts.
Korb says patients could even suffer a regression if the correct medicines are not available over a long period of time.

“If we do not treat people with psychiatric diseases from the beginning properly, aggressively and get the disease under control as soon as possible. The long term prognosis becomes much worse. In the long term, the prognosis is poorer if they don’t treat them properly with psychiatric medicines. Most of these diseases are life long diseases. The taking of medication, staying on it, being compliant and adherence is absolutely important.”

Korb has also cautioned against patients simply accepting generic medicine options without consulting a doctor.

Dealing with depression and anxiety during the pandemic: 

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