Art London International 2020: Moroccan Painter Zhor El Hichou Crowned ‘Second-Best Arab Artist’

Art London International 2020: Moroccan Painter Zhor El Hichou Crowned ‘Second-Best Arab Artist’

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Rabat – Moroccan artist Zhor El Hichou placed second at the United Kingdom-based “Art London International” at the much-prized event’s 2020 award ceremony. 

The painter, Tangier native, was awarded the title of “second-best Arab artist” in this year’s ceremony. The competition is part of “The Arabs Group Achievement Award ceremony,” a yearly occurrence that aims to award “people of Arabic origin who have excelled in their field or career, contributed to their community or achieved something in the country they live in or around the world.” 

Last February, Zhor El Hichou announced her qualification as a finalist in the competition with her painting “Jewel.” She describes her work as “of Mediterranean origins with a cosmopolitan outreach.” Her paintings reflect “a freedom of expression” ranging from the figurative to the abstract. 

A self-taught painter, Zhor El Hichou holds a doctorate in economic sciences from the Mohammed V University of Rabat and is currently a senior executive at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform in Rabat. 

She has previously participated in exhibitions organized by the ministry of the economy on the occasion of the International Women’s Day in 2015, 2017, and 2019, as well as in the exhibition organized in honor of the women of the African diplomatic corps in Rabat in 2017.

In spite of the many challenges and difficulties that 2020 brought, it has also marked a year of multiple globally-recognized achievements by Moroccan artists, creators, and public figures that range across multiple fields. 

In December 2020, Moroccan painter Abdelfettah Karmane won a gold medal, awarded by the Grand Jury of French art collective Mondial Art Academia, and a silver medal, awarded by the International Masters Watercolor Alliance for his painting “El Guerrab.” 

In addition, Moroccan painter and novelist Mahi Binebine won the “Prix Mediterranee” literary award in June of 2020 for his novel “Rue du pardon.” The artist Zhor El Hichou joins a list of notable achievements by Moroccans both at home and abroad.