Bahrain’s FM Formally Requests to Open Embassy in Israel


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Bahrain’s foreign minister Abdullatif Al-Zayani arrived in Israel for his first visit since the two countries signed a treaty to establish diplomatic ties.

During his visit today, Al-Zayani presented his country’s request to open a diplomatic representation on Israeli soil.

“I was pleased to convey to Minister Ashkenazi the Kingdom of Bahrain’s formal request to open an embassy in Israel,” he said.

Bahraini FM also informed his counterpart of the approval of Israel’s reciprocal request to open an embassy in Manama.

“This is a process which I hope can now move forward relatively quickly,” he said.

Israeli foreign minister Gabi Ashkenazi said he hopes to see the embassies’ opening ceremonies take place by the end of 2020.

Bahrain and Israel signed normalization agreements with Israel on September 15.

The UAE, which was the first country to declare normalization with Israel, was also part of the signing ceremony.

In October, Israel and Bahrain also signed agreements to boost trade, telecommunications, finance, and agriculture partnerships with Israel.

Bahraini citizens will also be able to apply online for a visa to visit Israel, according to the Israeli foreign minister.

He added that direct flights between the two countries will begin soon.

Donald Trump, who was behind the treaties as part of his administration’s Middle East peace plan, announced that more countries will follow suit.

Following Bahrain and the UAE, Oman also announced its intention to normalize diplomatic ties with Israel.