Cairo Show Cancels Saad Lamjarred Concert After Egyptians’ Backlash

Cairo Show Cancels Saad Lamjarred Concert After Egyptians’ Backlash

Rabat – The Cairo Show Theatre has announced the decision to cancel Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred’s concert, BBC reported.

The concert was scheduled for December.

BBC said the decision to cancel the concert was not due to COVID-19 or a technical issue, but rather because of Egyptian social network users.

Thousands of Egyptians launched a campaign on Twitter and Facebook, calling for the Cairo Show Theatre to cancel Saad Lamjarred’s concert.

Hashtags against Saad Lamjarred have been sweeping social networks, linking the reason behind their demand to the rape charges the singer is facing.

The translation of the hashtags in Arabic, reads: “Saad_Lamjarred_Rapist,” and “We_don’t_want_Lamjarred_in_Egypt.

Others just used Saad Lamjarred’s name in their tweets, asking the Cairo Show Theatre to cancel his concert due to his lleged invovlement in violently raping women.

“When you platform men like this, you tell every woman in your cast, crew and audience that her life and safety don’t matter. This is disgraceful,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user expressed concern with how the Cairo Show gave Lamjarred permission to perform in Egypt despite facing “four rape allegations.”

Saad Lamjarred’s fans, however, replied with tweets and posts to condemn the campaign against him.

“We love you saad and always support you,” one wrote, using a hashtag, “You are welcome in Egypt.”

Another Twitter user called on people to stop bullying Saad Lmajared as he was found innocent.

“Saad Lamjarred was found INNOCENT!!! literally ruining someone’s life for the sake of what people believe is true????? THATS HIS CAREER , THATS WHATS DISGRACEFUL!!! You can’t tell me this guy doesn’t have a pure soul.”

BBC reported that the Cairo Show withdrew all promotion for the Saad Lamjarred concert. The company also canceled purchases of the concert’s tickets.

The BBC also quoted a source as saying that the concert is not confirmed because the artistic details of the project are not yet determined.

While Saad Lamjarred has faced backlash around the world for his alleged rape cases, the controversy has not prevented the singer from releasing new songs. “Adda El Kalam,” the latest tune by the singer, earned him millions of views in less than three days.

The singer faced arrest in 2016 after Laura Prioul, a French woman, accused him of rape.

He spent six months at the Marriott Champs Elysees prison in Paris before being released on bail in April 2017 under electronic surveillance.

Security services arrested the singer again in August 2018 in Saint-Tropez, southeastern France, after another young French woman filed a rape complaint against him.

French police released him after he paid €150,000 in bail.

In September 2018, the singer went back to jail after a prosecutor appealed his release. The Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal released him again in December of the same year.