Casablanca Authorities: Taxi Reservation App Yassir ‘Illegal’

The application connects users with taxi drivers, allowing them to make reservations 24/7.

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The Wilaya (Governorate) of Casablanca  has announced that the activity of mobile application Yassir, connecting users with taxi drivers, is “illegal.”

“The Wilaya of Casablanca did not deliver any authorization for the company ‘Yassir Maroc SARL’ to manage public transportation in Casablanca or put customers in contact with vehicle owners,” local authorities said in a statement relayed by Morocco’s state media.

“The activities of the said company are illegal,” the statement added.

Local authorities warned that the people behind Yassir, as well as taxi drivers that collaborate with the company, will face sanctions in accordance to Moroccan laws and regulations on such matters.

Yassir also provides services in Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech, and Agadir. However, this is the first time that local authorities consider the company’s activity “illegal.” The company is yet to react to the statement from Casablanca authorities.

Yassir launched its services in Casablanca in October 2019. At first, the application only provided taxi reservations at night, but it quickly expanded its services, making them available 24/7.

The application has also expanded its services to four other Moroccan cities since its launch.

During the launch ceremony of Yassir in Morocco, the company’s general director, Rachid Moulay El Ghazi, said they had reached an agreement with taxi drivers to avoid any potential problems. 

Based on the recent statement from the Wilaya of Casablanca, it seems the company might have neglected reaching an agreement with local authorities as well.

However, authorities did not provide an explanation as to why they only released the statement today, 14 months after Yassir began providing services in Casablanca.

It remains to be seen how the issue will develop and whether the company and local authorities will reach an understanding.

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