Casablanca Clinic Explosion: No Deaths, Injuries Reported


Rabat – An explosion occurred in a private clinic in Casablanca on Thursday evening. The blast did not cause any deaths or injuries.

According to local authorities from the Casablanca-Anfa district, the incident happened due to the explosion of gas canisters. Photos and videos documenting the aftermath show serious damage to the ground floor of the health clinic.

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Prior to the blast, a fire ignited inside the medical facility. Casablanca security services and Civil Protection members quickly evacuated the medical staff and patients before the explosion occurred.

Authorities transferred a total of 19 patients, including two who were under intensive care, to nearby hospitals in order to continue their treatment.

Casablanca authorities are conducting an investigation to determine what started the fire that triggered the explosion.

While the official investigation is still ongoing, several local reports speculate that a phone charger was behind the initial fire. If investigations confirm the rumors, the incident could push Moroccan authorities to further clamp down on the marketing of low-quality phone chargers.

In 2019, Morocco’s customs services seized more than 750,000 imported low-quality phone chargers that do not respect safety regulations.

One of the largest operations was in Casablanca Port in September, when customs seized 250,000 low-quality chargers. Another operation in Tangier-Med Port prevented 192,000 unsafe chargers from entering Moroccan markets.

Morocco began actively clamping down on low-quality phone chargers after the tragic death of a 7-year-old girl, Hiba, in a house fire.

Disturbing videos documenting the incident show the young girl trying desperately to escape the burning building by the window. However, being blocked by metal bars, the young girl just kept sitting on the ledge until the fires took her life, while neighbors watched helplessly.

Investigations following the incident revealed that a phone charger explosion was behind the fire.