Chabab Mohammedia, Maghreb Fez Return to Morocco’s Top Football Division


Historic clubs Chabab Mohammedia (SCCM) and Maghreb Fez (MAS) have finished the 2019-2020 Botola Pro 2, Morocco’s second-tier football league, in first and second position. This earned them a promotion to Botola Pro 1, the top-tier Moroccan league.

The two clubs secured their promotion today, October 9, after a fierce competition until the final round of Botola Pro 2.

Chabab Mohammedia secured first place with 51 points, after winning the final game with a 3-1 score against the titleholder of Morocco’s Throne Cup, TAS Casablanca.

Meanwhile, Maghreb Fez struggled to secure its promotion until the second half of its game against WS Temara. MAS won the game 2-0, totalling 50 points in the Botola Pro 2 standings.

Two other teams were competing for a promotion to Botola Pro 1 until the final round. Olympique Dcheira finished third, with 48 points, followed by Racing Casablanca (46 points), and JSS Soualem (45 points).

At the bottom of the rankings, Union Sidi Kacem (32 points) and CR Al Hoceima (27 points) were unable to keep their spot in Botola Pro 2 and will play next season in the Moroccan amateur football league.

A long-awaited return

Chabab Mohammedia and Maghreb Fez are some of the most historic clubs in Morocco, despite being stuck in the lower football leagues for several years.

SCCM won the Moroccan league once, in 1980, and the Throne Cup twice, in 1972 and 1975. The Mohammedia-based club also claimed the Moroccan Super Cup in 1975.

Internationally, Chabab Mohammedia won the Maghreb Cup Winners’ Cup in 1973 and was a runner-up in the competition two years later, in 1975.

The last time SCCM competed in Morocco’s top division was in 2009. Since its relegation, the club faced a crisis and was further relegated to the Moroccan amateur league.

However, in 2018, after it underwent a complete administrative reform, Chabab Mohammedia was able to climb back to Botola Pro 2. The club only competed for two seasons in the second-tier league before earning back a spot in Botola Pro 1.

Maghreb Fez has an even more impressive trophy collection. The club has won the Moroccan league four times, in 1965, 1979, 1983, and 1985. MAS also won Morocco’s Throne Cup four times, in 1980, 1988, 2011, and 2016.

On the continental level, the year 2011 remains the most successful in the club’s history. During the year, Maghreb Fez earned both the CAF Confederation Cup and the CAF Super Cup.

However, after its international feat, MAS’ performance gradually deteriorated until the club was relegated to Botola Pro 2 in 2016. The Fassi club competed for four seasons in the second-tier league before climbing back to Botola Pro 1.

Chabab Mohammedia and Maghreb Fez will replace OC Khouribga and RS Beni Mellal in the 2020-2021 Botola Pro 1. OC Khouribga and RS Beni Mellal finished last this year, 15th and 16th respectively, in the top division.