Chief Rabbi in Panama: Israel-Morocco Rapprochement is Historic

Chief Rabbi in Panama, Israel-Morocco Rapprochement is Historic

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Rabat – On Sunday, David Perets, chief rabbi of the Jewish community of Panama, said the Israel-Morocco rapprochement is “historic.”

Perets told state media the resumption of official relations between Morocco and Israel is “very good news that we have been waiting for too long.”

He said the decision honors Morocco, a country that always pleaded for coexistence, peace, and stability across the world.

The chief rabbi also thanked King Mohammed VI for uniting Moroccan Jewish communities, commending Morocco’s commitment to coexistence and interfaith dialogue.

Perets stressed that the  decision allows for the “reunification of families and consolidation of historical links between Moroccan Jews and their country of origin.”

He emphasized that Morocco demonstrates that living together is “possible,” arguing that peace is not a “pipe dream but a tangible reality.”

The decision will also allow Morocco to strengthen its leadership role in the Middle East peace process, Perets said.

The rabbi also welcomed the US decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

“We welcome and support the decision of the US administration which brought justice to Morocco and which consolidates Morocco’s position to defend its just cause,” Perets said.

Morocco announced the decision to establish ties with Israel on December 10. The move was officialized last Tuesday during the visit of Israeli Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat and US Adviser Jared Kushner to Rabat.

Following their meeting with King Mohammed VI, Ben-Shabbat and Kushner signed a joint declaration with Morocco’s head of government.

Afterward, the US said it will start the process to open its consulate in Dakhla as part of its full support for Morocco’s territorial integrity.