Chinese Greek Gifts And 5G Wahala


“When the BEST of a nation is being ruled by the WORST in the society, the citizens will be suffering from a self-inflicted delusion.

” The imprint of COVID-19 pandemic has become synonymous with a human race 360 degrees paradigm shift, and every nation has been in one form of fear, or anxiety to another.

While some countries leaders are looking inwards, most beggar countries are almost making China their god of salvation.

By April 8, Nigeria leaders proudly informed all Nigerians that 16 Chinese Medical Team with dashed medical equipment had arrived Nigeria, despite all the protests from Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) and many Nigerians. The Honourable Minister of Health was full of praises for the Chinese government Greek gifts, and felt that, soon, we will do away with COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

It wasn’t a funny storyline to me because, from inception, China had not informed the world of the death effects of COVID-19 when it started in Wuhan.

America and most European countries accused China of concealing the dastardity of Wuhan deadly attack. Now, the same China has suddenly become a saint for the saviour of other nations.

My problem was how far have our leaders been involved in arriving at such Greek gifts from China, after much documentaries of how China didn’t disclose the pandemic earlier to the world?

I asked, “Are our leaders blind to note that the European deaths escalated immediately the Chinese Medical Team arrived in those countries as rumoured?

” This Greek gifts from China by our Federal government must be stopped, but unfortunately, it’s already too late. We have been managing our home grown Medicare, and luckily for us, many COVID-19 patients are recovering and the death rate is very low. It has been asserted that most of the Chinese medical equipment were fake and could increase casualties, and yet, we have become a beggar nation. British is considering sanctioning China for availing them with equipment that were diagnosed to be infected with coronavirus. What’s Wrong With The African Leaders?

WHO has predicted a massive death escalation in Africa, and what’s her measuring instrument for such postulation?

The same WHO predicted about Spain and Italy death ratios, and even when these two countries were managing the scourge. Suddenly, some Chinese medical team arrived and they were celebrated, and within 24 hours, their death ratios jumped into astronomical dimensions.

I was thinking that such experiences will help our leaders to look inwards. Innoson manufacturing company has asked to be given the approval to produce most of the needed medical equipment for COVID-19, and why bringing in the Chinese whatever into Nigeria?


Is either those in charge are not reading documentaries or they’re just after being treated as Ogas?

Do we have the instruments to test these medical equipment that are coming from China? How can we authenticate that these auxiliary medical personnel are truly patriotic to Nigerians? I must commend the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) for alerting the government to be wary of any of these Chinese Greek gifts to Nigeria, especially in the now. 5G Wahala – Layman’s Insight: The same union of journalists equally asked the FGN to investigate the looming danger associated with the hoisting of 5G Network in Nigeria.

In UK recently, a video clip was sent to my WhatsApp group, where Great Britain approved the installation of 5G network on the 23rd March, 2020; during the period of lockdown. Before the lockdown, there was no 5G Network in the vicinity of the lady narrating the sudden hoisting, and the installation was executed few days into the lockdown.

They only wake up to see 5G Network masks that were mounted everywhere without any prior knowledge. A test of the radiation level was the most costly experiment by humans.

Lives are now being mortgaged for business profits, and the question becomes, ‘was the lockdown part of the strategy to clear all the streets for 5G Network installation, going by Pastor Chris postulation recently?’ We saw birds dying along the roads and ecosystem totally destroyed.

We’re still adamant on the havoc that this 5G Network installation is going to do in the world of today and tomorrow. As at today in the countries that had implemented the 5G system, the astronomical level of RF radiation will be in the neighbourhood of hundreds radiant emissions of what exists today. We’re already frying ourselves while we are alive, because the planet is an enclosed space and as such, the radiation will be circulating within the sphere and without any possibility of escape.

The 5G Network has threatened the existence of humans and of course, the permanent destruction of all earthly ecosystems. The threat of wireless radiation has much more inescapable, involuntary exposure to humanity and the environment, and the resultant damage will be a wellplanned project to reduce the world population by half on or before 2030.

Back To The Basic: What’s Chinese coming to do in Nigeria at a time when our Nigerian situation has not been overwhelming?The Chinese should be more keen to be with the European Countries and America. America accepted the Chinese medical equipment and had a working system that must test every equipment sent from China. Secondly, America rejected the physical presence of the Chinese medical team into America and for obvious reasons.

Yet, Nigeria is proudly boasting of begging for the Chinese medical equipment and team to come to Nigeria. What kind of leaders are we having in Nigeria? It’s even more horrific when those we feel that should know the global warfare system between America and China, are the ones that want to exterminate most of us without understanding certain implications of their actions.

We’re now a beggar nation and none of our leaders can strategically think outside the box. We are becoming so much of Zombies that we are running around the world begging and borrowing as if we can’t think within our sphere.

Africa, particularly Nigeria has demeaned herself through corruption and lack of self-esteem, and today, we are so confused to even realise that we are human beings.

Let me conclude as usual with this quote of mine. “Africa has given all her best resources (human and natural) to Americans, Asians and Europeans, and yet, they want our lives by their invocation of Africa as the COVID-19 vaccine experimentation.” Please say NO to any COVID-19 unverified vaccinations from China and WHO in the present. God bless Africa, Amen.

Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka (DSM), is an Author,Resource Personality, Management Consultant/Trainer, Chartered/Certified-Aud i t o r / A c c ount a n t ,Financial Compliance Expert,Economic/Political Analyst
Strategist, Marine Expert and Motivationist)