Copenhagen Rabbi Commends Morocco’s Religious Coexistence Culture

Copenhagen Rabbi Commends Morocco’s Religious Coexistence Culture

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Rabat – The Chief Rabbi of Copenhagen, Jair Melchoir, has emphasized the importance of coexistence between Jewish community and Muslims in Morocco.

The Rabbi expressed his pride in a statement to Moroccan state media, saying that Morocco’s decision to restore relations with Israel falls within Rabat’s well-documented coexistence approach.

Melchior also expressed confidence that hope will “contribute to overcoming decades of hatred and suspicion between Israel and the Arab countries”

The remarks followed Morocco’s decision to re-establish full diplomatic relations with Israel on December 10.

Under the announcement, Morocco will reopen liaison offices with Israel and will cooperate with Tel Aviv in several sectors. The areas of cooperation include agriculture, civil aviation, and trade.

Jair Melchior also recalled a conversation he had with Morocco’s ambassador to Copenhagen, Khadija Rousissi, on the status of the Jewish community in Denmark.

He described  his conversation with the Moroccan ambassador t as “wonderful lengthy talk.”

“Every person regardless of his whereabouts, origin, or religion, should enjoy freedom, security, and tolerance,” the Rabbi said.

In recent weeks, many other Jewish religious officials have expressed support for Morocco’s decision to establish ties with Israel,celebrating the country’s history of religious cohabitation and openness to cultural diversity.  

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In December 2020, Brussels’ Grand Rabbi Albert Guigui described Morocco’s decision to establish ties with Israel as a giant step in the service of a “virtuous dynamic for peace.”

The Rabbi lauded King Mohammed VI’s courage in promoting dialogue and harmony between people.

“This is momentum set in motion not only for the good of the Palestinans and Israelis to restore peace among themselves, but for all peace-loving peoples,” he declared.

In the same month, chief Rabbi David Perets of the Jewish community of Panama said the Israel-Morocco rapprochement is historic.

He emphasized that the resumption of official relations between Morocco and Israel is “very good news that we have been waiting for too long.”

Jewish communities across the world also expressed support for Morocco’s action in Guerguerat, a region near the Moroccan-Mauritanian border.

The support came after Morocco sent personnel from the Moroccan Royal Armed (FAR) to the region to lift a Polisario blockade, ending three weeks of Polisario provocations and restoring commercial and civil traffic in the Guerguerat area.