Dialogue in Morocco: UN Envoy Calls on Libyan Parties to Share Responsibility

Dialogue in Morocco: UN Envoy Calls on Libyan Parties to Share Responsibility. Photo: UNSMIL

Rabat – UN Envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams renewed thanks to Morocco’s government for its efforts to facilitate dialogue between parties to the Libyan crisis.

In a zoom video, the UN envoy said: “I would like to thank the Kingdom of Morocco for hosting this meeting,” part of the UN-led mission to find a political solution to the conflict.

She said a solution to the conflict remains a “priority” for the UN, aiming to preserve the fundamental rights of Libyans.

Williams recalled the difficult situation Libyans live in due to the crisis. She welcomed the determination of the parties to sit at one table and discuss means to end the conflict.

The ceasefire that Libyan parties reached in August was encouraging but may not hold permanently, she said. Ending the conflict therefore, according to Williams, requires a lasting agreement between the Libyan parties.

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The UN envoy’s statement comes amid ongoing talks between representatives of the Libyan High Council of State and the Tobruk-based House of Representatives as part of the dialogue initiative Morocco launched in September.

Delegations from both parties began convening in Bouznika for a second round of talks on October 3. The dialogue initiative comes as part of a “comprehensive agreement” that Libyans reached during their first round of discussions in Bouznika from September 6-10.

During the talks, the representatives of the Libyan parties vowed to continue to meet for discussions aiming to reach a political solution to end the conflict.

On Monday, the representatives of the Libyan parties called on international parties involved in the Berlin process to support the Bouznika talks.

The delegations underlined that the inter-Libyan dialogue in Morocco has achieved “positive results.”

The dialogue sessions Morocco hosted were “dominated by a positive atmosphere and a spirit of optimism, which resulted in the unification of visions regarding the criteria related” to the sovereign institutions in Libya.

Idris Omran, a member of the House of Representatives, renewed thanks to Morocco for hosting the talks. He expressed gratitude to Morocco for its readiness to facilitate the Libyan dialogue by providing appropriate conditions to ensure successful meetings.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com