Education department vows to clamp down on bullying at schools


This after five schoolgirls were expelled in connection with an attack on a grade 10 learner at a school in the Durban suburb of Newlands East.

Education department  spokesperson – Muzi Mahlambi – says the decision was made after lengthy investigations.

In the video below, Gauteng Education Department Spokesperson Steve Mabona says the learner has been suspended:

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The Teddy Bear Clinic’s Dr. Shaheda Omar says child bullies are usually children who are crying out for help:

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Earlier this year, a video showing the gruesome attack circulated on social media – resulting in the girls being suspended.

Mahlambi says parents need to do more to educate children against such acts of violence.

“These are the five girls who bullied a grade 10 girl on February 11 at school. We don’t teach violence at all, if you see how violent these learners are, you will see that they are copying it from somewhere. We will start at home to say parents must assist us to educate their learners and they must also desist from doing anything violent in front of the learners.”

In the video below, school bullying video goes viral:

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Source: sabcnews