Australian-Egyptian Daniel Nour Named Young Australian of the Year



Doctor Daniel Nour | Photo Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald

26-year old Australian-Egyptian Doctor Daniel Nour has been named the 2022 Young Australian of the Year. According to the Australian of Year Awards’ website, Nour founded Street Side Medics in 2020, a mobile service that aims to provide the optimum healthcare for the homeless community in Australia.

The Australian of the Year award annually honors exceptional Australians who strive towards change and ignite discussions on issues of national importance.

Street Side Medics, a non-profit and GP-led mobile medical service, operates on a complete volunteer basis with 145 volunteers and four clinics across the New South Wales area in Australia. The service has helped treat over 300 patients and helped detect many conditions within the homeless community including diabetes, thyroid disorders, hepatitis C, HIV, heart disease, and cancer.

Street Side Medical Mobile Vehicle

In an interview with ABC News Australia, Nour expressed how the homeless community faces severe medical conditions due to the lack of access to healthcare.

“Health outcomes are much worse for those experiencing homelessness, and the best way to alleviate those barriers is to take these services to them,” stated Nour.

The free medical service comes with equipment for the team to ensure that the patients are given the best care, from blood tests to COVID-19 swab tests and vaccinations.

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