Banque du Caire: A Hundred Chances This Ramadan


Banque du Caire has launched its latest marketing campaign, “Ashan nefham ba’ad… ben ademlak badal el forsa, meya” (‘So we can understand one another…we offer not one chance, but a hundred’) on 10 April this year. The campaign is part of a massive collaboration with creative partners Leo Burnett and a star-studded cast featuring Mohamed Mounir, Cheb Khaled, Amir Eid, and Marwan Moussa.

Banque du Caire’s multidimensional Ramadan campaign fuses not only four different Arabic music genres, but bridges a generational gap, mixing the old with the new into a masterful artistic piece that all can enjoy regardless of the generational belonging; this campaign is a reflection of the transformation happening at the core of Banque du Caire.

Ever since 2018, Banque du Caire has been making great strides in developing its brand into one of a modern bank with its heritage in mind. The bank is aiming to build a portfolio of products and services that appeal to the younger generations without forgetting the loyal customers who made Banque du Caire into the successful bank it is.

Many of Banque du Caire’s products are developed to meet the ever-changing needs of the digital age, going through rigorous stages of development and monitoring to ensure that all customers regardless of their age or location get to use the best banking services provided. Qahera Cash, Banque du Caire’s digital wallet is the biggest proof of what forward thinking planning and dedicated implementation can accomplish.

Since its foundation 70 years ago, Banque du Caire has been the bank of choice for millions of Egyptians, with branches becoming core parts of each community. Banque du Caire has always taken this responsibility with pride. Today, Banque du Caire faithfully serves new generations, as it did previous ones.

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