Bus accident on Al-Ain Al-Sokhna-Suez road leaves 7 dead, 16 injured


March 10, 2021
10:44 am

A traffic accident at the Al-Ain Al-Sokhna-Suez road on Wednesday left seven people dead and 16 injured.

The Director of the Suez Security Directorate Mohammed al-Alfi was notified by road security forces that a bus coming from  Zaqaziq city had turned over on the Al-Ain Shokhna-Suez road.

The Ambulance Utility director Mohammed Tantawy rushed 25 ambulances to the accident’s scene to transfer the injured to the Public Suez Hospital and the deceased to the Al-Amiri morgue.

And Deputy Minister of Health Ismail al-Hifnawy said that the Directorate of Health announced a state of emergency to treat the victims and called all available physicians to participate in the treatment.

Hifnawy added that operations room in the Public Suez Hospital was opened, and added that the death toll contained two children.

Car accidents in Egypt rose by 17.8 percent in 2019, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) reported, with 9,992 reported accidents compared to 8,480 in 2018.

In a June 2020 report on traffic accidents, the agency added that the number of car accident deaths rose to 3,484 in 2019 – an increase of 12.9 percent.

In 2019, the reported recorded one accident per 10,000 people, while the rate for vehicles was 0.9 accidents per 1,000 vehicles, and the death rate was 3.6 deaths per 100,000 people.

The Egyptian government is working to overhaul transportation in the country to increase road safety and ease heavy traffic.

Egypt’s Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala al-Saeed announced in October that government investments in fixing road infrastructure had reduced the amount of traffic accident-related deaths in recent years.

According to the minister, road accident deaths fell five percent in 2018/2019 and 44 percent in 2019/2020.

Egypt also jumped from 118th place to 28th place in road quality in 2019.

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Source: egyptindependent