Egypt Evacuates 43 Egyptians from Afghanistan

Egypt Evacuates 43 Egyptians from Afghanistan

Photo via Dar Al Maaref

More than 40 Egyptians safely returned to Cairo from Afghanistan late Monday 22 August on a military aircraft, following directives by Egypt’s President Abdelfattah Al-Sisi. The delegation included Egyptian community members, clerics from Al Azhar, and staff from the Egyptian Embassy in Afghanistan.

Videos streamed live by state-run media showed many returnees holding the Egyptian flag, as they were welcomed by health and military officials.

The Taliban, a militant group that ran Afghanistan in the late 1990s, recently regained control over the country by capturing major cities. Since then, civilians have been striving to flee the country.

Last week, thousands of Afghans rushed to the airport and desperately clung to a United States military jet as it took off, causing numerous casualties.

Since Kabul fell to Taliban’s control, the United States of America has been in control of Kabul airport. Most countries have closed their embassies and a number of countries have taken steps to evacuate their citizens.

Fearing over a deteriorating human rights situation, or repeated violence against Afghan women, the international community is campaigning to support the Afghan people by supporting female journalists, volunteering to help refugees, and donating to respectable organizations.

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