Escape the Big City: 5 Camps to Visit in South Sinai

Escape the Big City: 5 Camps to Visit in South Sinai

Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt.
Photo: CNN

As the summer season comes to an end, the North Coast is officially considered off-season and stops receiving the large flocks of visitors usually seen during the hotter months.

South Sinai, on the other hand, is visited throughout the entire year, particularly when the weather is moderate, such as fall or spring. One of the many charms this governorate possesses is its unique accommodation options; instead of grand hotels or rented chalets, you can experience a simpler type of accommodation more in tune with nature by staying at a camp.

Basata Eco-Lodge, Nuweiba

Founded in 1986, Basata Eco-Lodge is one of the oldest camps in the area. Founded by an Egyptian engineer, the camp is a major ecotourism destination due to its focus on sustainability and responsible tourism.

For details and rates, visit the Basata Eco-Lodge website here.

Sunrise Camp, Dahab

Located right next to Dahab’s famous beachside walkway, which comprises an abundance of cafes and restaurants, Sunrise Camp is known for its relaxing and quiet atmosphere, which is a major advantage during the public holidays when Dahab gets crowded.

For more details and rates, visit the Sunrise Camp Facebook page here.

Dayra Camp, Nuweiba

Known for its multitude of music events and art workshops throughout the year, Dayra Camp offers visitors a culturally-rich experience and a space that fosters art and creativity.

For more details and rates, visit the Dayra Camp Facebook page here.

Elrayga Camp, Dahab

Only 400 meters away from Dahab beach, Elrayga Camp offers visitors a variety of fun activities and adventures, including hiking trips, trips to nearby swimming spots and barbecue events.

For more details and rates, visit the Elrayga Camp Facebook page here.

Maagana Camp, Nuweiba

Established in the late 90s, Maagana Camp is a longstanding camp known for its strategic beach location, which is why it tends to attract a lot of snorkeling enthusiasts curious to see what lies underneath the surface of the turquoise waters. The camp is also known to host yoga and movement retreats.

For more details and rates, visit the Maagana Camp Facebook page here.

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