In Photos: Voyaging Across Egypt’s Main Sea Ports


Photo Credit: AFP

The seaports are places of oceangoing ships ,where the land and the open sea meet to communicate in trade. Egypt’s fascinating geographical location plays a valuable role in facilitating its maritime transport, and its exceptional ports that border the Mediterranean and Red Seas as well as the Suez Canal make it stand out internationally.

There are five main commercial ports in Egypt, namely the Greater Alexandria Port (Alexandria and Dekheila port), the Damietta Port, Port Said, the Suez Port (including Adabiya Port) and the Safaga Port. Here is a look at some of Egypt’s main ports that are invaluable to its present and future.

Greater Alexandrian Port [Alexandria and Dekheila Port]

Alexandria Port | Photo Credit via Wikimedia

Alexandria Port | Photo Credit via Flickr

Alexandria Port Old Photograph circa 1910 | Photo Credit via Flickr

Port Said Port

Port Said Port | Photo Credit: Flickr

Port Said Port 1899 | Photo Credit: Picyrl

Port Said Port 1905| Photo Credit: Picryl

Damietta Port

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Photo Credit: Flickr

Honorary Mention: Egypt’s Suez Canal


Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Photo Credit | Egyptian Regulatory Reform and Development Activity (ERRADA)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

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