Israel Arrests Director of Al-Shifa Hospital and Medical Officials


  Director of Al-Shifa Hospital Muhammad Abu Salmiya was taken into custody, along with other medical staff members, by Israeli forces on Thursday, 23 November, according to AFP. Gaza’s Health Ministry spokesman, Ashraf Al Qudra, declared that the arrests constitute a “terrorist move” directed at Gaza’s medical staff and employees “who have been working under extreme and difficult circumstances for the last 47 days.” According to Israeli media, Abu Salmiya is being questioned by the Shin Bet, Israel’s interior security service, and military intelligence, and that he was detained while attempting to flee from the south of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army ordered all patients and displaced Palestinians who were finding shelter within and outside of Al-Shifa Hospital — the largest in Gaza — to leave. Israel claimed that this was done to allow Israeli forces to inspect the building for possible Hamas infrastructure. Following their encirclement and bombardment of nearby regions, Israeli soldiers stormed the hospital last week, leaving more than 20 patients dead while approximately 1,500 civilians, 600 patients, and 700 staff members sought shelter inside. Both hospital officials and Hamas refute the Israeli military’s claim that…

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