Medexia Global, Etisalat negotiate to provide health services in Egypt


Health technology company Medexia Global has been in negotiations with Etisalat Misr to provide its VIO Clinic, a comprehensive health services application, to the latter’s clients, informed sources have revealed. 

The application will provide clients with medical services, whether online, through mobile phones, or home visits.

The agreement is expected to contribute to meeting the needs of clients wishing to safely receive medical care, especially during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It also takes into account that doctors have recommended avoiding hospital visits unless necessary.

The sources told Daily News Egypt that negotiations between the two parties have reached advanced stages. The joint cooperation agreement is expected to be signed within two months at most.

The sources refused to disclose any further details of the negotiations, until an agreement is reached and the cooperation contract is signed.

Medexia Global provides unique medical services in the Egyptian market, relying on a professional team of senior doctors and consultants in various specialties. The company also features a team of skilled and trained nurses. The medical team works around the clock, seven days a week, to provide home visits.

Muhammad Fayek, President of Medexia Global, revealed that the application is the first integrated electronic medical platform to manage patients’ cases remotely, follow up on cases, and allow visits. 

The application currently provides medical services from 160 doctors, with the number expected to double over the coming period. 

Fayek added that the platform provides medical examination services, starting at EGP 10-400, whilst also providing radiology services, and conducting the necessary analyses.

For patient confidentiality, the platform provides access to each patient’s medical file in a confidential and secure manner, in accordance with the US Information Protection Act. He explained that the patient’s data is encrypted, to ensure  confidentiality. 

Fayek revealed that the application provides a link to the personal profile of each doctor for patients to access or share on social media. This allows patients to get to know the services provided and find out more on the doctor’s experience.

He said that the application enables doctors to follow-up on a patient’s medical history, as well as any updates, such as new complications or symptoms.

This is in addition to the possibility of uploading various files such as screenings and analyses that will be used for making medical decisions accordingly. 

He pointed out that the application involves making video calls between patients and doctors. Moreover, each patient has a medical record on the application and their personal data is verified through an SMS. 

The extra security step comes as the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) tightens the controls forcing SIM card owners to register their numbers under their own names. 

Fayek revealed that VIO clinic asks patients for registration data, including name, mobile phone number, date of birth, and medical file. This includes all details on chronic diseases, screenings they have undergone, medical tests, and previous prescriptions, in addition to allergies to certain types of drugs.

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