Mindfulness: a Path to Mental Well-being in Egypt’s Modern World


In recent years, mindfulness has emerged as a transformative practice in mental health care, offering a unique approach to addressing various psychological challenges.  Dr. Farida El Ghandour, a psychologist at the Heal Counseling Center in Cairo, sheds light on the increasing popularity of mindfulness and its applications in the diverse societal and cultural context of the region. El Ghandour emphasizes the effectiveness of mindfulness in addressing mental health problems, particularly anxiety and overthinking.  “When you try to be mindful, you learn to be in the here and now and become more in control of your thoughts,” she tells Egyptian Streets. In describing the growing trend in Egypt, El Ghandour notes that “mental health professionals are becoming more aware of the benefits of mindfulness, and it is becoming more popular in the field. Many practitioners teach their clients about mindfulness and recommend different practices.” El Ghandour introduces the 5-4-3-2-1 technique, a sensory-focused mindfulness practice.  “It works on engaging all the senses in the present moment, helping individuals become more grounded and present within their bodies,” she explains. “It is very helpful in redirecting oneself to the present moment when facing panicky…

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