Video| No one can take a single drop of water from Egypt, says Sisi


March 31, 2021
2:33 pm

Egyptian media outlets have highlighted recent remarks about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) made by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during a speech, in which he warned against limiting Egypt’s share of Nile waters, saying “No one can take a single drop of water from Egypt… whoever wants to test (us) he is welcome to come closer (to our share of water).”

Sisi’s remarks came during his visit to the Suez Canal on Tuesday, a day after the stranded container ship EVER GIVEN was refloated.

Sisi stressed that every day, Egypt is gaining new ground in its efforts to protect the country’s water rights.

“The issue of water concerns me and all of you, and the issue of negotiating is our choice, which we started with,” he said, signaling Egypt’s keenness on reaching a binding agreement over the dam.

“We do not threaten anyone… We have never threatened, and our dialogue is very rational, and very patient, but nobody will take a drop of water from Egypt, otherwise there will be a state of unimaginable instability in the region. No one should imagine that he can remain far from our capability. I’m not threatening anybody, but Egypt’s water is a red line, and our response in the event of a jeopardizing it will have effects on the stability of the entire region,” the President said.

Sisi added that there will be further movement in the negotiations during the coming period to reach a binding legal agreement with all parties regarding the filling and operation of GERD.

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Source: egyptindependent