Visiting Rafah, Spain, Belgium PMs Say ‘Ceasefire Is Ultimate Goal’ in Gaza


Following their meeting with President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi earlier on Friday, Pedro Sánchez and Alexander De Croo visited the Rafah crossing to express calls for a ceasefire. The visit came shortly before the release of Israeli and Palestinian captives by Hamas and Israel. “A permanent ceasefire is the goal. We will be heading to the Rafah access point today. We are calling for more access to humanitarian supplies to Gaza,” said Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also called the situation in Gaza “a humanitarian catastrophe” and that “humanitarian aid must be delivered in a steady manner.” Under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s orders, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen called for a reprimand meeting with the ambassadors of Belgium and Spain due to remarks made by their Prime Ministers at the Rafah crossing. “We denounce the misleading assertions made by the Belgian and Spanish prime ministers, who encourage terrorism,” said Cohen in a statement. “Israel is fighting a deadly terrorist group that is more violent than ISIS and that commits crimes against humanity and war crimes while operating in accordance with international law.” Earlier this month, Belgium’s Deputy…

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