AMG Armani takes off his sneakers in traffic and gifted them to die hard fan (VIDEO)


They don’t want us to see Armani but this Armani himself,” he said and whilst speaking close from his tears and holding a towel on the neck of the rapper, he added that “take give me make I take go bath,” and Armani handed him the white towel.

Out of shock of getting the towel from the tapper he says is role model, he stretched himself to hug him through the window of the car door whilst saying ” herh Armani still love, Armani I swear I dey love you“.

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He then removed his sleepers for the rapper and said “take am, one day I promise I go become like you. Armani I swear everyday me I dey follow you, Armani I swear you go win, if you like put these slippers down give me“.

Shocked and touched by the boy’s comments, the rapper removed his sneakers and gifted them to him before rolling his glasses up to move in the traffic. Watch the video below.