Etinosa Idemudia slams TBoss over comments about women with moustache


The reality TV star had shaded men who find women with moustaches attractive.

“You said nothing but the truth. Any man that finds girls with moustache attractive has the tendency to be gay,” she wrote while responding to a post.

In a swift response, Idemudia called out the reality star, citing her comments as insensitive.

“Did it ever occur to you that some women with moustache have it as a result of a medical condition they are dealing with? For me it is PCOS,” she wrote.

“TBoss, everyone is dealing with something. The public statement you made was so insensitive. Please be nice and use Google next time you have the urge to give unsolicited advice, especially about a woman’s body.”

“If they tell you word now you will carry camera and start crying. Ozuor.”