Mike Bamiloye refers to ladies who dress to kill as “Hired assassins”


Christian filmmaker and owner of Mount Zion Film Ministry, Mike Bamiloye has fought ladies who dress seduced to church.

On Thursday, the moviemaker asked why some ladies put on mini skirts and high heel shoes to a place of worship. He questioned:

“You dressed seductively to church. You danced sensually to praises and worship in your high heel shoes. You purposely ‘DRESSED TO KILL’ ARE YOU A HIRED ASSASSIN?.”

Last month, it will be recalled that he said that the ratio of men who beat their wives is minimal but their actions are being used by the devil to paint all men as irresponsible. He said:

“God did not intend the man to beat his wife. It is the devil’s Intention to forfeit the original plans of God for marriage. God never planned that women would be arrogant and stubborn to their husbands. The devil plans to forfeit the intention of God for marriage.

The percentage of men beating their wives is very minimal, but the devil has used that to paint all men black and irresponsible.”

Damilola Olufemi