Women Artists Don’t Use To Support Each Other In Nigerian Music – Candy Bleakz


Nigerian rapper and songwriter, Akiode Blessing Maria popularly known as Candy Bleakz has weighed in on the issues facing female artists in the Nigerian music industry, especially on the issue of collaborations among female artists.

While appearing on the Honest Bunch Podcast, Candy Bleakz explained that it’s indeed true that there’s no culture of female artists supporting each other although it’s changing.

“I agree that we don’t support each other. It’s obvious,” she says. “Simi and I have a song, Bloody and I have a song, Ayra Starr and Tiwa. It’s just happening now, but before now, there’s no female artist you can say to help bring up another female artist.”

“I feel like the Gen Z, the new female artists are trying to make things work,” she added.

The Street pop star signed to Chocolate City also stated that there are too many expectations of female artists from their looks to their personalities.

Candy Bleakz pointed out that some labels are reluctant to sign female artists due to prejudice that they might get married, have kids, date their managers, or make personal life decisions deemed unprofitable for their careers.

During the interview, Candy Bleakz who recently released her new EP ‘Better Days,’ narrated the moving story of the challenges she endured on her way to success.