Eric Zemmour: Unaccompanied Minors in France Are ‘Rapists, Murderers’

Eric Zemmour on CNews, October 1. Photo: CNews

Polarizing French “philosopher” and writer Eric Zemmour believes France should send unaccompanied minors back to their home countries: “They should not even come.”

Describing immigrant minors as “rapists,” “murderers,” and “thieves” during a CNews appearance on Thursday, the polemicist directed his rage to the French government. 

“It is up to the government not to take the risk and not to let [unaccompanied minors] in,” he stressed. Zemmour proposed that France abolish its asylum and family reunification procedures.

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Unaccompanied minors in France cost the country billions of euros per year and increase delinquency and crime, he claimed.

“I am not making up anything,” he insisted. “It is in all the papers, in all media, police keep saying it and the Ministry of Interior says the same.”

He continued, “In the neighborhood where I grew up, Goutte d’Or, residents tell me life has become untenable on account of these youngsters who steal and harass everyone.”

Located in the 18th district of Paris, Goutte d’Or is home to a large immigrant population, mostly from North African and sub-Saharan countries. Some 35% of the community is foreign-born, according to RMX News

Moroccan minors in France

Eric Zemmour called to pressure countries such as Morocco by threatening to suppress aid so they better prevent migration and stem the flow of unaccompanied minors to Europe.

Several thousand unaccompanied Moroccan minors live in France. In an interview on September 23, French Minister of Interior Gerald Darmanin underlined “the difficulty, in particular, of unaccompanied Moroccan minors in Paris.”

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He said French officials are constantly engaged with their counterparts in North Africa to find solutions to the situation of undocumented migrants and unaccompanied minors in Europe, stressing that migration issues can only be resolved at the European level.

In August, French politician Florian Bachelier said that talks are ongoing between Morocco and France to create a training and care center for Moroccan minors in France.

France’s anti-immigration rage

Eric Zemmour’s distaste for unaccompanied minors did not surprise the CNews host or the other guests on the show. The author is well-known in France for his anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric. 

Last week, he said on CNews that “immigration changes the makeup of a people. It is a crime against the European peoples, it will end in bloodshed.”

His latest comments come as France’s far-right attempts to politicize the latest attack on Charlie Hebdo and use the act of violence as an argument against immigration. 

On September 25, a Pakistani immigrant carried out a terrorist attack in the form of a stabbing outside what he believed were still the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The suspect migrated to France in 2018 and claimed to be younger than he really was. 

Soon after, National Rally leader Marine Le Pen called on France to deport all unaccompanied minors to their home countries.

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