Exclusive: Dutch Services Paid Omar Radi ‘Generously’ to Spy on Morocco

Moroccan journalist Omar Radi

Rabat – A public prosecutor announced on July 29 the decision of an investigating judge to place Moroccan journalist Omar Radi in custody for his alleged involvement in a “violent rape case” and for receiving funds from a foreign agent.

Morocco World News obtained exclusive information from a source close to the dossier. The source said the alleged victim who filed a complaint against Radi works as a public relations manager in a French-language news outlet.

The woman claimed Omar Radi “raped her violently.” The veracity of the allegation is yet to be confirmed, pending the ongoing investigation.

The source also disclosed to MWN exclusive information on the charges Radi faces for his alleged involvement in receiving funds from a foreign agent.

The source said Radi “should explain himself on charges of spying” on Morocco in coordination with Dutch services who “paid him generously.”

Omar Radi was in “regular contact with the political secretary of the Dutch embassy, who had seen him several times in his office and with whom he exchanged telephone messages,” according to the source.

Radi is under investigation to determine his involvement in the rape case and clarify the extent of his alleged collaboration with Duch services. 

The source’s information backs Morocco’s statements against Omar Radi.

Morocco has accused the journalist of spying on the country in favor of a foreign agent, undermining the country’s security and harming its diplomacy. Judicial police summoned him on June 24 to determine his involvement in obtaining foreign financing related to “intelligence services.”

Omar Radi made international headlines recently after Amnesty International alleged the Moroccan government had carried out “cyber-spying attacks” against the journalist. The human rights NGO published a report on June 22, claiming Morocco has been targeting Radi using NSO Group spyware.

Morocco strongly condemned the report and the allegations against its government, repeatedly calling on Amnesty International to provide material evidence to back its claims.

Amnesty International is yet to deliver a detailed response to Morocco’s concerns with the report.

The NGO also failed to answer MWN’s inquiries and provide material evidence supporting its claims targeting Morocco and its institutions.

Source: moroccoworldnews.com