Kenya’s President Makes U-turn, Set To Address Angry Protesters Amid Finance Bill Controversy


Kenya’s President, William Ruto has expressed his willingness to engage in dialogue with the youth protesting against the finance bill.

About twenty young activists on Sunday prevented politicians who supported the bill from speaking in churches while voicing their concerns to congregants in Nairobi.

The youth are protesting against the public finance bill, which introduces new taxes. Last week, thousands protested nationwide, demanding its repeal.

According to human rights organizations, two young protesters died, and at least 200 were injured.

The youths gathered at the Holy Family Basilica in Nairobi on Sunday with student Kanana Koome reading a statement criticizing the oppressive taxes and urging Christians to scrutinize the bill.

In Nyahururu, 200 kilometres north of Nairobi, President Ruto attended Sunday service and, addressed the protesters for the first time, stating “We will dialogue with you to identify your issues and work together as a nation.”

Protesters have called for new mobilizations on Tuesday and Thursday next week.