Fake War: Algeria Continues Campaign Against Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

Fake War: Algeria Continues Campaign Against Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

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Rabat – Since November 2020, Algeria’s government has been using its press channels to share fake news on an allegedly ravaging war going on between Morocco and the Polisario Front. 

Algerian state media APS’s Western Sahara section is full of content regarding Polisario’s alleged attacks on Morocco’s army.

On Sunday, January 10, APS wrote that the self-proclaimed Sahrawi army carried out 14 “bombing raids” against Morocco’s forces stationed at the Berm, the Moroccan defense wall. 

“A violent bombardment of Sahrawi army units targeted on Friday the Royal Moroccan Army trenches in several areas,” APS said, triumphantly quoting a press statement from the Polisario leadership.

APS has been publishing similar statements for the past two months, claiming the Polisario front continues to start Morocco’s sites and soldiers along the berm. 

Reacting to Algeria’s relentless salvo of fake news, former Polisario founding member Mustafa Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud criticized the country for being in denial and clinging to its make-believe version of the Sahara conflict. 

Mouloud notably recalled the comments David Schenker, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Easter Affairs, made when he recently visited Algeria. 

In addition to reaffirming his country’s support for Morocco’s territorial integrity, Schenker defied top Algerian diplomats by directly telling them that Morocco’s Autonomy Plan remains the best hope for a political solution to the Sahara conflict. 

For Mouloud, this and other recent developments should have brought home to the Algerian regime that its fabricated Western Sahara narrative is increasingly losing political momentum — and credibility.

“Greater Algeria was insulted by Schenker not by declaring that [Morocco’s] autonomy [initiative] is the solution, but by taking off his private plane from Houari Boumediene International Airport” to Morocco’s Dakhla airport, Mouloud said.

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The Sahrawi activist also discussed Polisario  and Algerian silence on the visit from the US high-level delegation to Morocco’s Dakhla.

On Sunday, US officials posed for photos along locals in Dakhla and government executives, including Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita

The US delegation, which included Assistant Secretary General David Schenker and US Ambassador to Morocco  David Fisher, visited the sites of the future American consulate in the city of Dakhla.

The delegation also vowed to see the cooperation between Morocco and the US grow stronger, with Washington certain that such development will benefit locals in Morocco’s southern provinces. 

While Algeria continues to remain silent on the US visit to the region, its press continues to share fake, fabricated content. Among APS’s  false allegations are make-believe “reports” on how the Polisario Front’s army is “defeating” Moroccan forces along the berm.

This is not the first time Algeria has relied on fake news on an artificial war to save face or lift the spirits of a dwindling and out-of-sync-with-reality pro-Polisario base. 

After Morocco’s peaceful action in Guerguerat on November 13, Algeria was quick to embrace Plisario’s war claims, sensationally broadcasting them in the hope of “embarrassing” Morocco .

While calm has returned to Guerguerat and in the Sahara in general following Morocco’s November 13 operation, Algeria has continued to share fake photos and videos edited by the Polisario Front

Source: moroccoworldnews.com