Foreign Minister: Morocco, US Maintain ‘Steadfast Alliance’

The US Ambassador to Morocco, David Fischer, held a virtual meeting with Nasser Bourita and Mike Pompeo on Tuesday. Photo: MAP

Rabat – Morocco and the US maintain a “steadfast alliance” that “continues to grow and prosper,” Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita said Tuesday during a meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

As Morocco and the US prepared to sign a bilateral agreement on the consolidation of diplomatic privileges and immunities, Bourita underlined the “rich” and “unique” history of relations between Morocco and the US. 

He recalled how Morocco was the first country to recognize American independence from Great Britain in 1777. Years later, in 1786, Morocco and the US established diplomatic ties. The values of “peace and friendship remain at the core of our relationship,” Bourita stressed.

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“Morocco and the United States have always stood together on the right side of history, be it during the major events that marked the 20th century or in supporting the noble values of peace and coexistence,” the Moroccan FM added. 

The two countries continue to promote security and prosperity through close bilateral cooperation. Bourita highlighted the Free Trade Agreement, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), and the US-Morocco Strategic Dialogue as pillars of the strong ties the countries maintain.

Defense and security is also an area where Morocco and the US closely coordinate, with Bourita describing the cooperation as “a beacon of excellence.” 

Tuesday’s diplomatic privileges and immunities agreement demonstrates the “high level of confidence” between the two countries, he continued. With the signing, the two countries can continue “the important work” of serving their citizens abroad. 

“As we look to the future, we see untapped potential that will allow our cooperation to grow stronger and more diverse,” Bourita emphasized.

Bourita’s meeting with Pompeo notably follows the US official’s tour of the Middle East. Pompeo and Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, held high-level meetings in the region to gather support for the recent normalization agreement between the UAE and Israel. 

Morocco was rumored to be one of the countries a US delegation was planning to visit.