‘From Startupper to Cancer Fighter:’ Moroccan Entrepreneur Publishes Autobiography

Hamza Aboulfeth is the founder of Genious Communications, Sushi Express, SmartVPN, and Food on Demand.

Prominent Moroccan entrepreneur Hamza Aboulfeth has published his first book, an account of his life that maps his path to success. 

His English-language autobiography “From Startupper to Cancer Fighter” details how he started his first business, Genious Communications, at the age of 17. 

Despite dropping out of college at age 21, his web-hosting company became in 2011 the first in North Africa to earn ICANN accreditation.

Since his first entrepreneurial success, Hamza Aboulfeth has launched three more thriving businesses: Sushi Express, SmartVPN, and Food on Demand. 

In a press release, the businessman attributes his remarkable journey to his courage and will to “follow his dreams against all odds.” 

Hamza Aboulfeth, once a hacker, college dropout, and self-described “trouble child,” is now a husband, father, and the owner of several tech and food enterprises at age 34. 

“From Startupper to Cancer Fighter” shares the Moroccan entrepreneur’s adventures, challenges, disappointments, and successes, detailing profound experiences from Marrakech, Paris, Burning Man, and Mecca.

The book recounts the ups and downs of his life, including a “game-changing”  cancer diagnosis before he turned 30. 

Aboulfeth aims to share his unusual and at times uncertain trajectory to success with other prospective entrepreneurs, providing motivation and courage to forge their own “unique path in life.” 

“Those three months writing the book were very busy,” he said of his new experience as an author. “I worked all day, weekends included. I started at 8 a.m. and finished at midnight sometimes. I had one objective: to make this book come alive.” 

Acknowledging that “writing your autobiography at 34 is certainly unusual,” Aboulfeth maintains that “no one knows what tomorrow holds.” 

Although English is his third language, he chose to craft his story in the language because he wants to “share the experience of a Moroccan entrepreneur beyond  borders.” 

Hamza Aboulfeth describes himself as an agile entrepreneur, food lover, extensive traveler, cancer survivor, and an engaged citizen who balances success with ethical entrepreneurship. This, he says, is what allows him to surpass expectations and celebrate achievements once thought impossible. 

“From Startupper to Cancer Fighter” will launch on October 10, 2020, on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. 

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Source: moroccoworldnews.com