Gauteng records highest number of COVID-19 recoveries


Gauteng has recorded the highest number of COVID-19 recoveries, accounting for 33% of all recoveries in the country. Its daily confirmed infection cases are also on a steady decline, according to Gauteng Provincial Command Council.

The Command Council gives an update on the strides they are making in combating the coronavirus. There are currently just over 20 000 active cases in Gauteng, down from the more than 23 000 recorded earlier this month.

The province has also conducted the highest number of coronavirus tests in the country.

Johannesburg is still the epicentre of the pandemic in the province. “According to the report, the daily new positive cases are going down. It dropped to about 350 new positive cases a day. That is a good indication that we are over the worst. As the economy reopens, we are concerned about the number of people that are interacting. The bed availability, we are not worried because the hospitalisation numbers have dropped, considerably,” says Spokesperson for the Gauteng Provincial Government Thabo Masebe.

Below are the latest coronavirus stats in South Africa: 


Source: sabcnews