AIDEC outdoors digital solutions and excellence center


AIDEC Consultancies International Limited, a subsidiary of AIDEC Holdings Ltd. has launched its Digital Solutions and Excellence Center in Accra.

The center will provide digital solutions to businesses, public sector institutions, corporate organizations and Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs).

The center was also established to help organizations innovate, strategize and execute their frontline and backbone technology plans.

It will also assist in driving digital transformation across the African continent by passionately maximizing clients’ digital edge in Africa.

With the new African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)  that offers great opportunities for intra-African trade to prosper, 1.3 billion people can be served and over US$3 trillion markets can be tapped.

However, governments and business leaders face the challenge of crafting and executing clear strategies to harness the benefits of digitalization.

To this end, Chief Executive Officer of AIDEC Holdings Ltd, Mr. Ambrose Yennah, believes that digital technologies will play a major role in driving business growth and success on the continent in the coming decade.

He expects digitalization to facilitate the flow of goods, ideas and capital, and bolster innovation in the public and private sectors of Africa.

“We will help them (clients) wire their organizations for the future. We will work with clients in the health, banking and finance, energy, education, retail and agric sectors to drive growth, efficiency and innovation using technology that works for people, profit and the planet.”

“Our sensitivity to the environment means that we will work with clients to explore green technologies to power clean and sustainable development on the continent. The team at AIDEC Consultancies International Ltd is excited to unveil its new baby to the public. We look forward to fostering prosperous partnerships across Africa to bridge digital skills gaps and offer high-quality technology consulting services,” Mr. Yennah said at the launch of the center.

On his part, Prof. Robert Yennah, Chairman of the AIDEC Board of Directors dared individuals to seek to become Digital Citizens, by acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills to confidently, positively and effectively use digital technologies to communicate with others, participate in society, create and consume digital content.

“Companies today are rushing to become more digital, to avoid being outmoded or folding up, because going digital is the new normal for doing business and engaging with customers, improving customer care and business outcomes.”

“Finally, going digital is a Technological and Organizational process that allows an enterprise to be agile and fast. The digital mindset of a company enables it to use data to make better and faster decisions in order to grow, blossom and be more profitable,” Prof. Yennah added.

About AIDEC Consultancies Int. Ltd

The AIDEC Group is a premier network group of companies providing quality services in Consulting, retail and Haulage of petroleum products, Supply of household consumables, importation and distribution of South African wines.

AIDEC Holdings Ltd is the parent company of AIDEC Consultancies International Ltd and AIDEC Supplies Ltd as 100% owned subsidiaries.

The Company’s aim is to create a one-stop-shop for services by providing innovative, quality, efficient and excellent services to address the particular needs of our numerous customers.

The business is modelled using Information Technology as a tool for doing business and networking with businesses with similar interests in their mutual growth and expansion.

AIDEC Group has a passion to share best practices and in doing this we are looking at services integration, national growth and development through team effort.

Source: citinewsroom