Allow us operate walk-in restaurant services during Easter – Hoteliers plead


Some beach front hotels in Sakumono in the Greater Accra region are calling on the Ghana Police Service to allow them to operate their walk-in restaurant services during the Easter festivities.

Following the regional minister’s directive to ensure strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols, several security personnel have been deployed to some beaches in Accra, with some mounting of huge barriers along the beaches to prevent people from patronizing the location.

This has in turn negatively affected the hotels, as their workers and potential customers are now prevented from accessing their facilities.

In an interview with Citi News, Abeiku Davis, the Manager of Serenity Beach Hotel, one of the affected hotels,  asked that the hotels be allowed to operate to sustain their operations.

“Whatever it is, at least they have to listen to us and know that it is not a lockdown and not a sort of curfew or something. They (the government) said people shouldn’t go loitering about the beaches and even open-air buses are supposed to ensure they observe the protocols.”

“When anytime we are working, we make sure we are observing the protocols, and we don’t go beyond anything we respect the law, but we can’t see ourselves from now to Monday that we cannot work meanwhile we’ve done a whole investment, and we are running at a loss,” he said.

Warning from the police

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service had reminded the public to abide by COVID-19 restrictions to halt the spread of the virus.

The Police Service in a statement indicated that although churches and mosques can hold services, not beyond two hours, public gatherings such as conventions, crusades, pilgrimages cannot be held during the season.

“Churches, Mosques and religious bodies are expected to hold services not beyond two hours for 100 participants maximum only, observing all other COVID-19 protocols. Conventions, crusades, pilgrimages and such large physical gatherings are not allowed.”

It also said the hosting of any carnival, festival, beach gathering, street dances, procession, parades and such events will be illegal.

“Night clubs are banned from opening as well as cinemas and movie houses. All activities of “closed room” bar or pub including those in hotels remain illegal. However, open-air drinking spots may operate provided that they observe all other COVID-19 protocols,” it added.

Source: citinewsroom