AMG poised to scale-up and build resilience for farmers in 2021


AMG Fertilizers is strongly aligned with the vision of generating wealth and prosperity for the Ghanaian farmer— right from the older men and women in the Northern region and other parts of this country, who have been dedicated to planting and growing food since their youthful days; to vibrant young persons with big dreams of becoming those to take innovative and creative agriculture to the next level in the country and beyond.

Such vision and aspirations of Ghanaian farmers are the underlying intentions that influence decisions and projects, AMG undertakes.

The company continues to contribute its quota to socio-economic growth, Agricultural development and sustainability in diverse ways, amongst which include; producing and distributing quality and highly efficient fertilizers, for different crops; organizing training and capacity building programs for farmers across the country; researching into, and partnering with respectable research institutions, to carry out trials on various products, for the ultimate benefit of farmers and households.

AMG fertilizers have quality assurance at the heart of the organization and continuously invests in products to maintain international standards, whiles contributing significantly to job and employment reduction in the Country.

It is key to note, that AMG is among just a handful of Input companies in the country, with several Field Agronomists, across all the sixteen (16) Regions. This affirms AMG’s passion, to ensure farmers receive the best of practices, that will replicate into the yields they produce for every home and every table.

Ensuring sustainability and reducing postharvest losses is critical to AMG. This contributes to the reason why AMG, has not only built, but renovated warehouses across the length and breadth of the country, with the recent one, built in Tono, in the Upper East Region.

The Agricultural Manufacturing Group was established in 2012 and has steadily built an indigenous leading brand in the Fertilizer sector, that appeals to both the young and old farmer.

AMG, remains the largest locally owned Manufacturer and Distributor of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers, providing both small scale and large-scale farmers with crop nutrition products and strategies that guarantee them high yields.

AMG has distributors across all the sixteen (16) regions of the country, who distributes its Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers, directly to its farmers that can help them produce high yields by using effective but specialized fertilizers.

The beginning of building a legacy

The establishment of AMG, began with a simple desire of an enterprising young marketer, Mr. Ernest Akwasi Appiah, who wanted to make a positive and lasting impact in the country’s agricultural sector. His priority was for every farmer to adopt and apply appropriate best farming practices that can help them produce high results by using effective specialized fertilizers.

Mr. Appiah’s desire was to develop innovative and produce tailor-made crop specific solutions to meet the needs of different farmer groups, in different ecological zones.

AMG Fertilizers, was established ten (10) years ago, with presence only in Kumasi and with two (2) employees, has steadily grown, through diligence and dedication to become a leading independent brand with highly efficient fertilizers products specific to every crop requirement.

Since January 2021, the AMG agronomic team have engaged farmers in various districts across the country in fertilizer training, and on-farm demonstrations to increase farmers knowledge and expertise in crop production technologies in collaboration with SARI and the CSRI.

In Adherence to the company’s objective of improving upon the ordinary fertilizer expertise towards crop production and productivity, AMG is poised to roll out specific programs on television, radio, print and social media to increase farmers awareness towards increased food production.

AMG will also be rolling out infomercial outdoor campaigns through billboards, across selected Regions, to support farmers, in these trying times, whiles developing informative brochures, leaflets and pamphlets.

The above is set to complement the ongoing community and focused group training programs in the districts.

For every Ghanaian farmer feeling anxious about the future and cost of fertilizers, AMG is committed to using quality but cost-effective crop nutrition combinations to continue manufacturing and distributing affordable fertilizers such as, NPK glycine mix, NPK 25-10-10 +TE, NPK 21-05-05+te, NKP 27-06-06+te, and Urea 46%N.

Safety, security, traceability and quality are integral to all aspects of AMG’s business from its people to its range of products, and relies on well-trained, motivated and professional team, in its operations across the country.

AMG Fertilizers also prioritizes environmental protection, productivity, innovative solutions, economic growth, innovative solutions and efficiency, in all its dealings, making it stand out as a national company, with international standards.

AMG fertilizers are all over the country and easy to identify.

AMG Fertilizers

Source: citinewsroom