Committee probing Ejura disturbances ‘lost in the woods’ – Kofi Bentil


Kofi Bentil, the Senior Vice President of IMANI Africa, believes the ministerial committee tasked to investigate the disturbances in Ejura is wasting the time of Ghanaians.

Speaking on Joy News’ Newsfile, he said the committee seemed like the wrong approach to unravelling the death of two residents of Ejura after soldiers opened fire on protesters.

“I have found nobody who has any confidence in the committee. It looks like they just assembled them to waste our money and insult our intelligence,” Mr. Bentil said.

He is also of the view that “it looks like they [the committee] are fishing for a narrative to support a preset story.”

Though he believes the committee’s member; Justice George Kingsley Koomson as the Chairman; Security Analyst, Dr. Vladimir Antwi-Danso, and the Executive Director of Penplusbytes, Juliet Adiema Amoah, may have good intentions, it is not reflecting in the committee’s work observed so far.

“The committee is lost in the woods and I am not mincing words about it. No matter how good their intentions are, we judge people by what they do.”

As an example, Mr. Bentil said the committee had spent too much time trying to establish a motive for the death of Ibrahim Muhammed, a social activist whose death sparked the protests in Ejura.

He said, in Ghana, motive is not necessary to prove a murder charge.

“Why are we not interested in the things we can deal with right now. We are interested in things like motive for murder. We are looking for whether the guy is a member of this or a member of that.”

“Anybody on the committee who is looking for a motive is totally off and somebody on that committee knows it and should tell them that it doesn’t matter what the motive is.”

One of the issues he said the committee could be exploring was the ballistics of the weapon that killed the protesters and if the bullets came from military weapons.

Responding to suggestions that one of the slain protesters may have been buried with a bullet still in him, he said “if we are a serious country, that grave will be guarded and that body will be exhumed.”

Source: citinewsroom