EPA begins investigations after dead fishes are washed ashore at Osu beach


The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, is investigating circumstances that led to some dead fishes being washed ashore at the Osu Castle beach in the Greater Accra Region.

The tons of fish washed ashore over the weekend attracted many residents, some of whom picked them up either for consumption or for sale.

Although the agency suspects the tons of fish are not good for consumption, it cannot conclude on sight until tests are conducted.

Executive Director of the Agency, Henry Kokofu, told Citi News that his outfit is picking up additional information from some opinion leaders to help with its investigation.

“We’ve contacted an opinion leader who has been giving us more information. Trust me, If there is any situation like that we will take steps to track all of them as quickly as possible. But if there is anyone listening who has any information on how this issue came about, that person should contact us. We are using opinion leaders to gather pieces of information,” he added.

Fisheries Ministry probes issue

Meanwhile, the Fisheries Ministry says it is also conducting investigations into the issue.

“Information got to Fisheries Commission yesterday, April 3, 2021, in the evening, about fish mortalities sighted at the Osu Castle Beach. A team from the Fish Health Unit and the Fisheries Scientific Survey Division of the Fisheries Commission was dispatched to the area. Upon arrival at the beach, the team noticed that there were dead small pelagic and demersal fishes at the shore.
Initial observation of the fishes showed no wound /lesions on their bodies.”

“It is to be noted that after two to three days of death of an animal pathological signs change. Samples of the fish were collected on ice to be examined critically in the laboratory. Seawater samples have also been collected at the beach in the Korle Klottey District in the Greater Accra Region. Examinations will be carried out on the fish gills and other histological examinations will equally be conducted to ascertain any pathological cause. The sea water samples collected will be analysed for physical, chemical and other biological parameters. The colour of the sea and temperature are normal. We assure everyone that we are working hard to ascertain the actual cause of mortality of the fish,” the Ministry said in its statement.

Source: citinewsroom