Family of woman killed at Cedar Crescent Hotel laments slow pace of trial


Family members of Comfort Owusu Afriyie, the businesswoman who was killed at the Cedar Crescent Hotel in Kumasi last year, have expressed their frustrations over the slow pace of prosecution.

Comfort Owusu Afriyie was killed on January 2, 2020.

According to the police, their preliminary investigations showed that the main suspect, Edwin Awuku, went with Comfort to the Cedar Crescent Hotel where he allegedly killed her and blamed it on armed robbers.

After a year and four months of court proceedings, the case has now reached the committal stage and is yet to be transferred from the Asokwa District Court to a High court because the district courts do not have jurisdiction over murder cases.

The court has now charged the main suspect, Edwin Awuku, with murder while his wife, Belinda Awuku has been charged with the deception of a public officer after she joined her husband to report to the police that they were attacked by armed robbers.

The daughter of Comfort Owusu Afriyie, Susanna Boakye says her family wants justice to be served and the case to be handled properly and quickly.

“We, the family and the friends of my mother want to know why we are still coming to court for over a year now and justice has still not prevailed because she is not an ordinary person to us. We want to know every process this case goes through.”

“When you [the police officers] went to the hotel you saw the gun, my mum’s phone and stains on the man’s shirt. You also went to his house and saw enough evidence on the matter. Initially, he lied that there were armed robbers there, but there was no armed robbery attack that day and this is enough evidence to show that he lied. So something should be done fast for justice to prevail rather than continuously adjourning the case and slowing things down,” she added

Source: citinewsroom