Kandifo Institute signs MoU with USAG


An economic, governance, and leadership think tank, Kandifo institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG) which establishes a 5-year working relationship with the student association.

Delivering a speech at the function, the Executive Director of the institute, Palgrave Boakye-Danquah said “as a think tank which is also a licensed operator of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme, proudly delivered in Ghana by the Head of States Awards Scheme with a clear emphasis on developing the skill set of the young one from age 14yrs-24yrs. We believe in the future of the youth.”

He added that the 5-year MoU with USAG makes both the youthful think tank and the student union of about 40-member institutions and about 300,000 estimated student number “a forceful force”.

The various 40 member institutions registered under USAG will by this MoU be exposed to and not limited to the following initiatives of Kandifo Institute; Kandifo Leadership Hive, Kandifo Economic Hive, Kandifo Governance Hive, Kandifo Mentoring and Coaching Hub, Kandifo Let’s Go Lower, Kandifo Let Her Lead, Kandifo Democratic Election Think Tank, Kandifo Abato Asomdwe Pledge, and the Kandifo MP/Assembly Shift.

The goal of the 5-year renewable MoU with USAG is to among other things raise continuing and graduating students with practical abilities to advance their lives.

About Kandifo Insttute

Kandifo Institute was established as a response to creating a new permanent order in Ghana.

As a Public Policy Think Tank which advocates in a very practical way, influencing policies that facilitate and sustain conservatism as a guiding ideology of preference. It exists to promote a development path that is traditionally rested on an organic conception of society based on the belief that society is a living organism comprising closely connected, interdependent members.

Kandifo Institute believes that through its research, National policy dialogues, private sector development, and developing a productive youth, we will shape and nurture the development destiny of Ghana.

One of its goals and objectives as a youth-led, youth-oriented think tank is to build and develop the youth to imbibe conservative leadership elements to prepare them as leaders and builders of the future based upon the established foundation of a stable society.

As a think tank, mentoring the youth is one of its key areas of focus. By this, it has established a leadership programme where experienced professions would be linked to selected youth to mentor them in leadership in line with the tenets of the conservative tradition and particularly to be savvy and able to communicate on critical national issues on governance and economy.

Source: citinewsroom