PCI’s Pastors Wives’ Summit held in Accra


Pastors Care Initiative (PCI) on Saturday, July 31, 2021, held a Pastors Wives’ Summit in Accra.

The Pastors Wives’ Summit is a yearly event organised by PCI and designed to equip the wives of pastors with vocational skills and family life skills.

The former Chairman of the International Presbytery and Head Pastors of Fountain Gate Chapel, Empowerment Pastures, Rev. Clement and Mrs. Roseline Anchebah, launched the ‘Pastors Care Initiative’ to support pastors in the rural parts of Ghana.

The initiative, which begun in 2013, was officially launched on Saturday, May 29, 2021, at the Fountain Gate Chapel, Ofankor branch.

Speaking to Citi News, the President of Pastors Care Initiative, Mrs. Roseline Anchebah, said she believed the summit will go a long way to impact the lives of the participants.

“The Summit is an annual gathering of pastors’ wives from various denominations and bringing them together so that we can hear certain messages. We are not saying that there are more issues in the rural areas than in other areas, but they do have their unique challenges, so we believe that when we come together, partner, and hear the same word, no matter where we find ourselves, God will glorify His name in our lives.”

She added that understanding how God works will go a long way to help pastors’ wives, especially those in the rural areas, to do more to impact lives.

“Rev Eastwood is in one of the remotest parts of the country, and yet there is a certain level of understanding that allowed him to break through to be able to preach there. God’s way of doing things are different from our way. He is no respecter of person, and he will certainly cause us to break through and impact lives that have been bound by the devil. We believe that even as they go, the little knowledge will certainly help them excel. ”

A counsellor with PCI, Mrs. Bertha Agbodeka urged wives of pastors across various denominations to join the PCI initiative to learn how to be strengthened in times of challenges and receive knowledge so that they can impact others.

“I believe that PCI is something that God himself is involved in, and the Pastors’ wives summit is a very impactful program. I believe PCI is reaching the Pastors’ wives in the rural areas where, most of the time, we are likely to neglect them. We have had various speakers speak to us and encourage us as pastors’ wives to hold on to our faith no matter the challenges that may come our way to believe that we were called alongside our husbands, and we have a unique part to play in the body of Christ. I would encourage pastors wives across all denominations to join in and be impacted, so we can reach others.”

“It’s been encouraging. This isn’t the first time, and this time I see more improvement. The number has increased, the organisation is better and the words we have received so far is great, and I believe the next session will be an even more powerful one,” a participant stated.

About PCI

Pastors Care Initiative is a Kingdom Centred, non-denominational, not-for-profit Christian Organisation whose core mandate is to render support to pastors in the rural or deprived communities and their families.

The Pastors Care Initiative supports Pastors and their families living in rural and deprived communities of Ghana to access their basic human needs by creating opportunities that promote their welfare. This is to ensure that the spread of the gospel is accelerated.

The initiative currently supports 380 pastors and their families in six regions of the country. Some of the activities of the initiative include Pastor’s Wives’ Summit and Empowerment Program, Back to School educational material distribution, Christmas package distribution, COVID-19 Relief Package among others.

Source: citinewsroom