Public-private partnerships will ensure sustainable tech solutions in education – Africa Schools Online Boss


Abel Acquaye, the Executive Director of Africa Schools Online, has suggested that more public-private partnerships are needed to ensure more sustainable tech-based solutions in education.

Speaking on Monday’s edition of EdTechMonday on the Citi Breakfast Show, Mr. Acquaye said, “when there is a partnership, we can have a long term and sustainable approach to these things.”

He also noted that as part of these government-private partnerships, there is also the need for better sustainability plans.

He observed that some of these projects do not live beyond the lifespan of the partnership between the government and the private sector.

After the four to five years, “there is no sustainability plan,” Mr. Acquaye noted.

“What are the sustainability models and plans that you have for your projects? After you have got support for a period of time, what are you going to do to ensure sustainability?”

This edition of EdTechMonday was on improving access to quality education and what technology can do to bridge the gaps.

The show also hosted Evelyn Agyepong, an Education Consultant and Chief Enquiry Officer at STEAMBoxGH and Genevieve Simiyu, the Country Manager at Chalkboard Education.

One of the areas Mr. Acquaye said needed addressing was internet access in rural areas.

He stressed that “trying to get internet access to the rural areas is really critical.”

“People in the rural areas are not able to get access to content behind delivered to companies like Chalkboard Education.”

Source: citinewsroom