Guatemala’s Ambassador Reiterates Strong Support On Western Sahara

The Guatemalan diplomat saw similarities in the role of Morocco and her home country.

Rabat – Ambassador of Guatemala Monica Bolanos Perez reaffirmed her country’s support for Morocco’s Western Sahara plan in a meeting with House Speaker Habib El Malki. El Malki welcomed Bolanos Perez to Morocco following her accreditation as Guatemala’s new ambassador in Rabat.

The cordial meeting saw the two dignitaries discuss their two countries’ shared views on a wide range of topics. Morocco and Guatemala have enjoyed warm diplomatic relations for nearly half a century and are eager to expand their bilateral ties. 

Ambassador Bolanos Perez emphasized the close collaboration between the Moroccan parliament and the legislative bodies of parliaments of Central and Latin American countries, including guatemala. 

The Guatemalan diplomat saw similarities in the role of Morocco and her home country. Both operate as gateways to their respective regions, she told Al Malki. In response, the Moroccan house speaker underlined the close relations between the two countries. He said Morocco and Guatemala shared values of solidarity, security and peace. 

The meeting saw few diplomatic surprises, as Guatemala again reiterated its “unwavering” support for Morocco’s plan for autonomy in the Western Sahara. El Malki noted that Guatemala and Morocco see territorial integrity and national autonomy as fundamental elements to promote global peace and stability.

In 2019, Morocco and Guatemala signed  an agreement framework on political dialogue and bilateral cooperation. As part of her Central American tour to enhance Morocco’s diplomatic outreach, Morocco’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mounia Boucetta travelled to Guatemala City in April to sign the agreement with Guatemalan Deputy Foreign Minister, Luis Fernando Carranza.

Closer ties between the two nations could provide direct benefits for Guatemalan citizens. An agreement on tourism could promote Guatemalan visitors to enjoy Morocco’s tourist sites. Currently Guatemalans still require a lengthy visa application procedure that requires ten separate documents in order to apply for a 90-day tourist visa.

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