Hannah Ann Sluss: Quarantine Queen Passes the Time By Boozing In a Bikini


We don’t need to tell you the quarantine sucks out loud, but it’s interesting in the sense that this is the first time that so many have experienced something entirely new at the exact same time.

Naturally, we’ve all developed different coping mechanisms and strategies for passing the time.

Hannah A.

For many celebrities this has meant cranking out an endless stream of digital content to ensure that their social media followers don’t lose interest in their lives.

And of course, for lots of regular folks, the work stoppage has meant heavy drinking and sunbathing in backyards or on rooftops in some sad approximation of an actual vacation.

Now, Hannah Ann Sluss has ingeniously combined those two pastimes.

Hannah Ann is Thirsty

“YES WAY ROSÉ,” Hannah captioned this pic in which she can be seen rocking a two piece while sipping some of Cali’s finest.

Hannah has amassed a following of 1.4 million Instagram users during her short time in the spotlight, and her biggest fans are always quick to sing her praises in the comments.

“You’ve Always been a favorite of mine!” wrote one admirer.

“Please tell me where this bikini is from! I also love all the natural/healthy vibes you’ve been giving,” another commented.

Hannah Ann Bikini

You know you’re in great shape when you post a pic of yourself drinking wine, and the comments are all like, “Omg! Such a health nut!”

“Please show us how to get a flat stomach!!” another fan commented.

“Celery juice!!” Hannah replied.

That’s an interesting response for a couple of reasons:

Hannah Ann on Instagram

1. Hannah is still new enough to the fame game that she replies to every complimentary comment.

2. We would’ve thought the answer to the abs query would’ve been something along the lines of “By being 23 years old!”

(Actually, Hannah turned 24 this week — but the point is, she’s young enough that she could live on an-all Big Mac and still have abs for the simple reason that she was born during the freakin’ late 90s.)

Anyway, what’s most interesting about this is what Hannah’s not talking about — namely, Peter Weber.

Hannah Ann Sluss on the Instagram

To be fair, Hannah endured emotional hell during her time on The Bachelor, and when she first started mocking Peter for not being “hot” or “manly,” she was applauded for venting her frustrations.

As time went by, however, fans began to feel that Hannah Ann was going too far in trashing her ex.

Fortunately, it seems she got the memo, because she hasn’t mentioned Peter by name in over a week.

These days, she’s just living her best life — or at least the best “best life” one can live while basically on house arrest.

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